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President Brian Cook
Vice President Steven Martel
Secretary-Treasurer Dana Dexter
Chief Steward Robert Fallon

The Concord Police Patrolmen's Association (CPPA) was formed in 1989 by concerned officers who wanted to develop a labor oriented association focused on improving member benefits and increasing the quality of service provided by Concord Police Officers to the community. Over two decades later, the CPPA has grown into a respected organization that represents all Police Officers, below the rank of Sergeant, employed with the Concord Police Department.

We in the CPPA are proud of our accomplishments. The CPPA provides many services to its members including a social network, professional guidance, and a voice in public affairs. Among our ongoing efforts is a continual focus on striving to better serve the public through partnerships with the City of Concord and other groups representing the greater Concord community.

We are not only there for our officers in times of need, but we also provide physical and fiscal assistance to individual citizens and groups within our community. We pride ourselves on our focused effort in supporting youth within the greater Concord community.

The financial base for the CPPA is through membership dues and donations from businesses, groups, and concerned citizens within our community. We have established scholarship funds, support youth based activities and sports, and have donated time and money to several worth while charities and organizations in the community. To see what contributions the CPPA has made in the past, click HERE. If you would like to help the CPPA, click HERE to contact us.

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